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To quote the famous author, Dr Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Literacy Development

Reading can bring such joy in so many ways. Reading allows us to learn new words and concepts, and it also allows us to find out more about places that we haven’t visited before. Reading expands our knowledge of the world around us and stimulates to learn more.

We Incorporate Stimulating Activities for Clients

We encourage literacy within our Day Programs across Australia. This could be in the form of reading recipes, road signs or visiting the library. It could also be reciting the alphabet, or in a more formal worksheet form where clients are supported to work through different activities.

Be Imaginative!

For our Jamisontown Day Program clients, the library came to them. Our imaginative and innovative Jamisontown staff created the site’s very own pop-up library!

Clients were able to browse the many books on display. With a ‘librarian’ on hand, they were also able to borrow by having their books scanned. Everyone was encouraged to borrow a book and read it outdoors in the sunshine.

Real-Life Skills Development

Not only does this support literacy development, but the role-playing has also enabled clients to work on their social skills to apply in real-life situations. Interaction with the librarian, asking for help to find a book, requesting to borrow a book all contributes to the development of personal skills to use in everyday life.

The pop-up library was a huge success, with everyone devouring the stories of the books they had borrowed.

Spontaneous skills development projects such as the pop-up library ensure that clients are stimulated by different and engaging activities every day.

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