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Leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the key to being happy and motivated, so at Afford, we are always looking for ways to encourage healthy meal options and regular fitness routines for our clients and residents.

Residents of the Sunshine and Panthers Afford Group Homes in Penrith are well on their way to achieving their healthy lifestyle goals and we think it’s something to celebrate and reward.

Planning Healthy Meals

Clients make sure their homes’ fruit bowls are always full to ensure that healthy snack options are always available. Residents also plan meals in advance by researching healthy recipes to cook online to make sure they can buy the ingredients needed when grocery shopping, rather than just turning to ready-made meals.

Regular Exercise

Residents are also taking part in regular exercise sessions, which means that many are achieving their weight loss and fitness goals. They are walking regularly around the park and to the shops which not only keeps them stay fit, but also gives them time together to enjoy each other’s company.

Encouraging Fitness

To encourage regular exercise, Afford Lifestyle Assistants suggested that the residents start a rewards system. When they walk for half an hour, they receive one point. It didn’t take long for residents to build up lots of points!

To congratulate residents on their commitment to leading healthy lifestyles, Afford Lifestyle Assistants recognised residents for their participation and effort by allowing everyone to choose a small prize.

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