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Mikala is one of Afford’s shining stars. She joined Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program and consistently looked to the future to set herself new challenges and goals. With support and encouragement from Afford, Mikala has become empowered to trust in her abilities to succeed at work and in life.

Celebrating Achievement

Today being International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), is fitting to celebrate Mikala’s determination and hard work. From the SLES Program, she has moved up the ranks in Afford to now be the face that greets people as they walk through the front door at Afford’s HQ, as well as the voice on the phone to answer your enquiries.

Developing Skills for the Workforce

Mikala joined the SLES Program (previously known as TTW – Transition to Work) after completing work experience at Afford’s Blacktown site while still at school. She participated in various modules and training through the program at Riverstone, with the support of her trainers. During her time with SLES, she developed her skills in travel on public transport independently, and working in an office environment.

With a supportive team to guide her through the training, Mikala says that her time in SLES truly helped her prepare for life in the workforce.

“I learnt a lot throughout SLES, and whenever I need help, someone was always there to help me.”

During her time with SLES, Mikala proved that she is resilient, willing to challenge herself and is determined.

So it is no wonder that after Mikala was headhunted to work in an administrative role at Afford’s Minchinbury Head Office. She jumped at the position and chance to work at the helm of Afford’s main operations!

Achieve Your Work Goals

Today, Mikala has secured a permanent role with Afford. In her Receptionist position, Mikala displays enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and confidence. She completes various tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. She inputs data into spreadsheets, uploads all staff qualifications, processes purchase orders and incoming/outgoing mail, and adapts to the variety of tasks she is asked to do.

Mikala says that one of the highlight moments of working at Afford’s Head Office was receiving an Afford Customer Service Award by Afford’s CEO, Steven Herald.

“I was so surprised to receive a Customer Service Award. Everyone knows that I work hard and do my best to do my tasks. I really like working at Afford. There are always people coming and going. It’s nice to be part of a team.”

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