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Engaging our senses helps us to understand more about the world around us. Sensory stimulation can make us feel excited, calm or curious and gives us opportunities to learn more about ourselves.

Look After Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

For the clients of Afford’s Condell Park Day Program, sensory stimulation plays an important part in their daily support. The Day Program has enhanced their sensory space to benefit clients of all abilities who attend the site, thanks to a Community Building Partnerships funding grant.

For Shaun, Anthony, Mohammad, Emma, Alexis and Michelle who attend Condell Park Day Program, the enhanced sensory space gives them greater opportunities to explore their feelings and behaviours.

Funding Helps Afford Enhance Services and Supports

Thanks to a Community Building Partnership grant, Condell Park Day Program’s sensory room now delivers a range of sensory experiences to suit the individual needs of each client.

The grant funding has allowed the site to purchase a new vibrating massage bed to help clients relax, unwind or reduce stress. It also allows clients to have their weekly treatment from their massage therapist in a private and comfortable space.

A bubble machine is another new addition, which gives clients the chance to engage with the bubbles and develop their cause and effect learning. The bubble machine also changes colours at the push of a button to give clients the opportunity to take control of their experience.

Engage Your Senses

One of the more visual upgrades to the sensory room is the inclusion of wall projected images. Clients can lie back and engage their imaginations to consider the exciting wildlife of the African savanna or the calm and relaxed feeling of a rainforest scene projected onto the wall.

In addition to these sensory enhancements, the grant funding has also allowed staff to purchase a new ceiling hoist for the room. This has extended the supports available for wheelchair clients. They can now be supported to access the massage bed and more.

For the overall comfort of staff and clients who attend the site, new blinds have also been installed to keep the heat of the sun out in summer, while still inviting natural light to brighten up the activity spaces.

Since the introduction of this new and engaging sensory space, staff have noted that client progress has improved.

“Clients are more relaxed, and their anxiety has reduced. It’s great to see them engaging all their senses and developing their language skills and managing their emotions with the new equipment in the sensory room,” said Judy Blanch, Team Leader at Afford Condell Park Day Program.

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