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Respite is a place to relax, have fun and enjoy the company of others with similar life experience. So when our Eschol Park Respite site received grant funding to enhance their outdoor space for the benefit of clients, the team quickly got to work to create a sensational outdoor area for those who attend the service.

Community Building Partnership Camden Funding

Thanks to 2018 Community Building Partnership Camden funding, Team Leaders at our Eschol Park Respite service had the amazing opportunity to create chill out spaces in their backyard for individuals living with disability who attend the service, to sit back, socialise and take a break from the everyday.

Our Respite homes are places where individuals can feel supported to share their feelings, take part in activities and new life experiences and meet new friends in a welcoming environment.

With more than $21,000 grant money to spend, Team Leaders headed to Super Amart to spend some of the grant money to purchase outdoor furniture. The purchase process was easy, but it was the assembly of the 22 boxes of furniture that was, at first overwhelming, but then turned into a fun group activity.

The entire backyard of the site was covered with pieces of furniture waiting to be put together.

Everyone got in to lend a hand – opening boxes, placing the right pieces together, using tools and providing each other with moral support, of course!

Working Together

First, the shade sail was put up to provide all the team with some lovely shade to put the rest of the furniture together. The shade is a much valued addition for Eschol Park Respite, because now everyone can enjoy the outdoors all year round with plenty of shade from the harshness of the sun.

Next, the team of staff, friends and clients put together the lounge and day bed. The table setting was also put together and placed on the balcony for all to enjoy.

With all the furniture assembled and packaging removed, all that was left was to sit back and relax.

Enjoying the Result of All Their Hard Work

The lounge and day bed are the most popular items so far and are very comfortable. Staff now make a point of arranging barbeques on the weekends, where clients can enjoy time in the outdoors and share a meal together with others under the shade at the extra-large table. It’s also great to see that many clients can also now enjoy eating breakfast on the balcony, thanks to the new table setting.

From a task that first seemed like a chore, the team at Eschol Park made the assembly of the new furniture one that encouraged group activity, supported the development of communication and social skills and that resulted in the clients feeling as if they had contributed to making the Respite service better.

One client in particular, Tom, helped out from start to finish along with the Team Leader and did not stop until all the furniture was finished.

We are so thankful for grant funding provided by 2018 Community Building Partnership Camden to purchase the furniture. It has made a huge difference in the atmosphere of the service and benefits each and every client who visits.