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Spring has come early to Afford’s Canley Vale Day Program, with pops of vibrant and colourful artworks adorning the site. These spectacular masterpieces were created by staff and clients and made possible thanks to 2019 funding from Fairfield City Council.

The funding was part of an Art and Cultural grant generously provided by Fairfield City Council. The funds helped create a specialised art program to support people with disability learn about creative expression through art and music.

New paints in an array of colours, as well as painting equipment, were purchased. The funding was also put towards a music facilitator and instruments to encourage musical appreciation and experimentation.

Indoors, staff and clients let their creativity shine through several murals. The Spring-inspired theme of the paintings on the walls show flowers blossoming and green grass swaying in the breeze.

The outlines for the murals were drawn onto the walls and then Afford staff members, Maria and Malamahelotu, worked alongside clients, Aminiasi, Marvin, Krystal, Michael, and Richard to add the finishing touches.

Outside, everyone came together to decorate the furniture! Now, the outdoor tables boast large, radiating sun images as the centrepieces, with flowers all around.

Artistic expression has even extended to the outside trees at Canley Vale!

With so many paintings and artworks, the day program almost seems like a galley. Clients, staff and visitors can walk around and admire the creative talents of all the Affordians who attend the site.

During the artistic process, clients had many opportunities to paint and decorate with different colours and on various textures. The tactile experiences developed sensory awareness and most importantly, inspired fun!

Canley Vale Day Program has a music program which is now enhanced thanks to the grant funding. With new instruments, participants of the music program can channel their inner musician to develop an appreciation of sound, volume and beat.

Music can play a pivotal role in personal development. It can help us relax, become energised and encourage us to let down barriers and be more social.

Thanks to funding from Fairfield City Council, Canley Vale clients can extend their skills and use confidently use art and music for self-expression and enjoyment.

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