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If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, love plants and animals, maybe you’ve considered working in a farm?
Many of our SLES trainees were very curious about what it would be like to work in a farm after hearing stories from their teammate Shahnia who works at Hoxton Park School Farm once a week. So our trainers organised a really awesome agricultural industry farm visit for our trainees.

The day began bright and early with an introduction from the school’s Head Teacher of TAS (Technology and Science) and two students from the school who have us an insight into what it was like working in horticulture and farming. The school was very welcoming to the Afford Trainees, making them feel right at home as they had a mini tour of the greenhouses, garden beds for crops as well as the animal feeding. We even got pretty up close and personal with the steer, goats and chickens.

It seems like our trainees are budding green thumbs, because they did really well taking in all the new information on how the school runs their enterprise project which involves selling saplings and producing vegetables and eggs. They were curious about the program and asked plenty of questions.

After returning back to site, trainees showed their thirst for knowledge through general conversation, telling staff they enjoyed the outdoor environment and the visit. A few even said they could see themselves possibly working in a similar role and may consider work experience in the future.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for our trainees to get exposure into different industries. There are so many jobs available in farms that our trainees could really enjoy, it’s all about giving them enough experience so that they can choose a career that suits their interests” says Vocational Trainer, Jermyn Chan.

What made this day extra special was the fact that we were visiting the workplace one of our own trainees from SLES Prestons. Other trainees were able to witness first-hand what Shahnia did every week, how she interacted with other workers and the animals. We could see how much Shania enjoys her job and we hope more of our SLES trainees will find a job that they will love.

Who knows, we might see another SLES star getting a job at the farm. We’ll be baaaa-ck with more updates soon.