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Loving and sassy, Farrah is a seven year old little girl who has a world of enthusiasm for life. She began working with Afford’s Allied Health team earlier this year and has benefited from one-on-one supports of her Occupational Therapist, Sarah.

Allied Health Offers Life Enhancing Supports

Sarah supports Farrah develop her movement and physical independence. Her progress has been consistent and showed great promise recently when she had the opportunity to take steps on her own at home using a walker. This was the first opportunity she has had in over a year!

Farrah has a diagnosis of Joubert Syndrome, which has meant Farrah has experienced delays in physical and mental development.

Despite the challenges that she faces, Farrah is a determined young girl who makes the most of life. She loves going out on the boat with her family and colouring is one of her all-time favourite activities.

Improve Your Skills

Working with Afford’s Allied Health team on the Gold Coast, Farrah has been receiving support in speech pathology and occupational therapy. These therapies are helping Farrah make significant progress in improving her grip skills, her ability and endurance to sit and also with standing and walking.

Along with her Occupational Therapist, Sarah, Farrah is also working on developing her independence to bathe, go to the toilet and get dressed.

But the most extraordinary and inspiring moment came just recently when Farrah, after almost 18 months, walked at home using a walker!

After many months of therapies and working with Afford to secure an equipment trial for a new walker for Farrah, she finally had the chance to experience the freedom of walking on her own at home.

Afford Is Your Partner

After many months of organising appointments and working with Afford’s Allied Health team to ensure Farrah received all the support she needs, Farrah’s mum, Deb, and dad, Mark, are overwhelmed with her progress. Farrah has a walker for school but Afford is now working with her family to ensure she also has a walker at home, as well as a combined toilet and shower chair to support Farrah meet her personal care NDIS goals.

With the right supports, Farrah will have every opportunity to achieve her goals. Her long-term goal is to get around independently with her walker and engage on a more active level with her brothers.

At Afford, We Care!

This is an amazing story which highlights the power of genuinely understanding the unique needs of every individual to ensure they receive the right supports to achieve their goals under the NDIS. We care!

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