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Going to work every day to a place that is supportive of your needs, where you will find find friends and with work that interests you, is a dream for many job-seekers.

Sometimes, the right job for you, just takes a little time to find. If you’ve just finished school or are looking to return to the workforce after a break, then Afford Employment can give you the support you need to get ahead.

Finding Your Strengths

Afford Employment consultants can help you to develop your skills, enrol in further studies and training and build confidence in speaking up in social situations and at work. Consultants also use their extensive networks with local businesses and employers to find positions that may interest you and also provide ongoing on-the-job support until you know your placement is right for you.

Open Employment Support

For Elisabeta, Afford Employment helped her return to work with confidence to achieve her goal of secure employment.

Similarly, Surreyya had mechanical repair skills, however his qualifications were not recognised. So, his Afford Employment consultant quickly found roles that ticked Surreyya’s criteria of working with machines and in the outdoors. He now has great job satisfaction in his role maintaining golf buggies at a golf club.

School Leaver Support

For many young Australians who have just finished school, knowing what job you want isn’t always straight forward. With so many options, the world is yours to explore! Sometimes, taking extra time to realise what truly makes you happy, will direct you to the job that’s right for you.

Afford offers school leavers many opportunities to discover more about the workforce and various industries through its SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program.

SLES trainees get the chance to get out and visit many businesses across a range of industries. Trainees have taken a behind-the-scenes look at a carwash, restaurant, sports stadiums and more!

SLES trainers have also organised for trainees to participate in pop-up interviews to build confidence in thinking on their feet and meeting people face to face.

Skills for Everyday

The SLES Program also gets trainees to think and learn about every day skills that will help them in life.

Find out more about Afford Employment opportunities and start your work-life journey today.