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Movement, fitness and FUN are all the things that we incorporate into many of Afford programs and activities across our services throughout Australia. We encourage healthy and balanced lifestyles and see the overall health benefits that our residents enjoy from being more active.

 Enjoy A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle With Afford

Whether it’s a walk in the park, a regular fitness session or an outing to a local attraction, we offer a range of opportunities for our clients, residents and employees to learn more and participate in activities that help them lead happy, healthy lifestyles.

 Satha is a client of our Belmore Day Program who loves the weekly Zumba classes. With loads of high energy and dance, Zumba classes are popular across many of our Day Program sites.

 For Satha, the Zumba classes aren’t just about movement and fitness. It is also about finding happiness and engaging with others.

 Satha’s goals are to develop a regular exercise routine, improve her physical confidence and to meet new friends and develop her social skills.

 Get Support To Try Something New

Afford staff at Belmore Day Program suggested that the weekly Zumba sessions could be a way for Satha to work towards achieving her goals.

 After a few weeks of participating in the dance and exercise sessions, Satha now looks forward to the 11am start of the program and joins in with her friends to try new dance moves. She happily follows the instructions and smiles and laughs as she engages with everyone in the group.

 Satha’s attitude has changed and lightened to now be more willing to try new things. She now loves dancing and always has a smile.

 Satha is steadily making progress in achieving her exercise and social goals. It is so wonderful to see that she is able to get involved in activities that she enjoys and that also enhance her overall health, physical and mental well being.

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