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Staying active and having fun is what we aim to incorporate into activities within our Afford Day Programs across Australia.

Programs to Suit Every Individual’s Needs

Every program is tailored to suit the interests of the clients who attend the Day Program and are also designed to cater for the varying needs of every individual so every has the chance to participate.

At Blacktown Day Program, clients Aiden, is really getting into the site’s gym and fitness program. The fitness program has been created to help Aiden achieve his NDIS goals of improving his overall fitness and health.

Programs have included physiotherapy courses with Definition Health Club professionals, pool activites with Afford staff and participating in high energy Zumba exercise classes.

Afford staff support Aiden to take part in kick boxing, improving his movement and flexibility with gymnastics moves and also attending the pools for aerobic exercises.

Afford Helps You Get Fit In Different Ways

During scheduled and self-initiated exercise sessions, the he learns how to use different gym equipment, new swimming strokes and how to access community facilities, such as fitness equipment at the park.

In addition to these great activities, Afford also supports Aiden to learn more about healthy eating and maintaining a good diet.

He learn about healthy snack options and making their own foods, rather than buying pre-packaged foods, to ensure they consume nutritious meals.

Engage with Community and Learn New Skills

Along with developing healthy lifestyles, through these activities Aiden and Tanuj are also learning about engaging with the wider community, improving their communication skills, building on their friendship and learning how to care for their own well being and personal hygiene.

At Afford, every client activity is created to support each individual’s personal development, but also to add subtle learnings along the way.

Club Afford

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