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Bring on the footy! Windsor Day Program clients and staff are geared up and ready to get into their football, thanks to the dedication of their super coach and Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Keith, and a generous donation from the local football club.

While Coronavirus disrupted the football league for fans across the nation, Windsor Day Program’s innovative team did a little creative thinking to ensure their clients’ love of the game and their footy fitness still stayed strong.

Keith is a first-grade coach with a level 1 coaching ticket. He has been coaching NRL football for juniors and seniors for around 13 years.

His love of the game has fostered a football following at Windsor Day Program. Clients, Kieran and Daniel are strong Roosters supporters. Scott loves the Tigers. Luke and Kyle barrack enthusiastically for the Panthers and Keilan supports the Rabbitohs.

Throughout COVID-19, the Windsor footy fans haven’t been able to participate in the Afford backed Heroes with Ability football program. The initiative is a modified competition of touch football, where people with any disability are encouraged to learn new skills and have a go.

That, of course, didn’t stop Keith and the Windsor team. Following safe health and hygiene practices, staff organised an on-site football program for clients.

The program encourages team building, social skills, physical fitness, mental health and wellbeing. The program also gives every individual who participates a sense of being part of a community and a team.

Keith coordinates warm-up sessions for clients that involve a walk or run in the local area or on on-site. They also play skilled exercise games. After a break, everyone has a go at tackling practice against tackle bags and relay races. More recently, Keith has organised for clients to train at the local Peppertree Oval in Erskine Park.

To build mateship, the group finishes their sessions by singing the team song with three cheers at the end!

“It’s great to see a few of our clients who wouldn’t normally get involved, participating and becoming part of the team,” said Keith.

Recently, clients were very excited to discover that all their hard work training over the months has been noticed. Thanks to Keith’s contacts and organisation, Windsor clients Kieran, Daniel, Scott, Luke, Kyle and Keilan received a surprise when professional NRL Panthers football player, Reece Alderton, visited their site. Reece presented each of the Windsor footy fans with jerseys, so they look the part when playing footy!

Luke’s words say it all: “It’s the best program ever, and I look forward to going every week.”

Afford staff love their jobs. They bring their unique abilities to their roles and support every individual to get the most out of life and experience something new.

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