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Australia’s multiculturalism means that we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a variety of different cultures and their cuisines. Our Jamisontown Day Program staff and clients have gone one step further and are actively learning more about the world around them through their Food of the Month cooking program!

Learn More About Your World

Each month, a different part of the world or type of food is chosen for everyone at Jamisontown Day Program (or ‘team Jamo’ as they like to be called) to research.

After researching the country and the cuisine, team Jamo begin to work out the next meal they will create during their cooking program.

The list of ingredients is organised, and the team then travel to the supermarket to purchase everything that they need.

Develop Your Skills in the Kitchen

Back in their site’s kitchen, they start cooking up a storm and can’t wait to try their delicious creations! Everyone has a go at chopping, peeling and cooking with the support of their Lifestyle Assistants.

This innovative cooking program has resulted in sumptuous foods that include Mexican, Thai, Chinese flavours and more!

Team Jamo have made everything from satay chicken skewers on the BBQ, Asian salad and stir-fry noodles, tacos, burritos, nachos, and fajitas. They have also made quiche’s, sausage rolls, mini shepherd pies, jam tarts and Nutella scrolls to celebrate pastry month.

Share Your New Skills with Friends

Best of all, Team Jamo love to share the food that they make with friends. On one occasion, they invited their friends from Rouse Hill Day Program to join them.

Another time, they had Afford District Manager, Wayne, and Acting Team Leader for Mt Druitt, Kylie, visit their site to join in the foodie feast.

Learn More with Afford

The cooking program is wonderful in developing life skills, but the integration of learning about different foods and cultures adds yet another learning element to the program. Clients are supported to prepare and cook with different types of foods. The cooking program also provides clients with the opportunity to taste meals or ingredients that they haven’t tried before.

It’s always a learning experience at Afford and it’s always fun!

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