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Freya is a trainee of our Marrickville SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program who has set her work goal to find a job in the hospitality industry.

An Industry Visit to Learn More About Your Interests

After her recent industry visit to Voodoo Cafe and Roastery in Marrickville, Freya’s passion to work in the hospitality industry has certainly flourished and grown!

Freya has expressed her desire to work in the hospitality industry with her trainer, Ann Maree. So Ann Maree used her extensive employer networks to arrange an industry visit for Freya and the other SLES trainees, Jason and Anna, to Voodoo Cafe.

Voodoo has their very own Roastery, which forms part of their business model. They have been awarded various medals for their coffee blends.

Get a Behind-The-Scenes Look

The first stop for the tour of Voodoo Cafe was behind the café – in the huge Roastery and distribution area. Trainees had the opportunity to smell and feel the coffee beans before they were roasted.

They watched the working roaster and learned more about the Work Health and Safety protocols and procedures for the heat of the roaster.

Trainees also found out that the beans were measured by weight before being placed in the grinder for a specific amount of time. All roasting time is strict, and recorded on a laptop, which highlighted to the trainees the importance of precision and attention to detail.

After roasting, the beans are again weighed and mixed with other coffee bean varieties to make the specific Soul Origin Blends. The Roastery then hand labels its coffee produce for distribution throughout Sydney.

After touring the roaster, trainees were able to view the Function Rooms which included a map of the origins of the Coffee Grounds.

Trainees asked Megan, the Marketing Manager, and Peter, the Café Manager, their pre-prepared questions, to find out about the challenges of their roles, the things that they find most enjoyable about their jobs and how they started in the industry.

Knowing Your Work Options

Thanks to their tour with Megan and Peter, they now understood what skills they need to get started in hospitality. It was insightful to learn that Megan had started as a Barista and now travels throughout Sydney meeting café personnel. She also manages marketing aspects, runs industry expert tours, and organises functions.

After the industry visit, the trainees talked about how impressed they were by the varied opportunities in the café industry.

The tour ended with Jason and Freya looking at, and working, some antique coffee grinders and defunct roastery grinder parts. Then it was hot chocolate, and rich chocolate cookies, for everyone!

Freya is very interested in pursuing a career in the food industry, either in a hands-on role waitressing, or in the office environment.

She thanked Peter and Megan for the tour and said it was the best visit she has ever had. Anna commented that she loved learning where the coffee was mainly sourced from; countries on the African continent.

Getting a closer look into the roles and responsibilities of different jobs help young job-seekers hone their interests for their work life. It’s industry visits such as these, that give our SLES trainees the information and experience they need to achieve their goals of a happy and fulfilling work life.

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