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Fuelling your body with nutritious and healthy foods is the first step to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Health and Well Being

Across our Day Programs, our Lifestyle Assistants are always finding ways to encourage health and well being, and cooking programs present many opportunities to encourage clients to think more about the foods that they eat.

Anthony, a client at our Kings Park Day Program, has been working hard to develop his cooking skills and learning more about safety in the kitchen.

Learning New Skills for Life

With the support of Afford Lifestyle Assistants, Anthony has been learning how to safely hold and cut ingredients with sharp knives. He has also developed his skills in researching healthy meal options and planning ahead to buy ingredients to suit.

One of Anthony’s main goals is to enhance his budgeting skills; learning how to handle money and budget for a week long meal plan.

As part of his one-to-one support, Anthony has had support to develop his skills and participate in regular cooking sessions to become confident in his planning, as well as in the kitchen.

Not only did Anthony recently achieve his budgeting goal, but he also whipped up an amazing healthy dinner of a delicious Burritos and Brussel Sprout Goddess Salad!

Encouraging Independent Living Skills

With determination, encouragement and support, our clients are forging ahead to enjoy healthier lifestyles and greater independence.