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Funding from grants are so important in providing additional services and enhancing facilities for our clients.

Funding Helps Enhance our Services

Recently, Afford Belmore Day Program received Community Building Partnership 2018 funding to replace the site’s kitchen and provide replacement lounges and chairs.

Cooking Programs For Skills Development

Belmore clients love their cooking program every Friday. It’s one of the most popular programs held at the site. After morning tea, clients are supported by Lifestyle Assistants to organise the meals that they would like to cook during their cooking program. Ingredients are listed, a budget is set and the group travel to the local shops to buy all that they need to make their delicious meal.

During the cooking program, clients get involved in cutting and chopping ingredients, safely using the stove with staff support and then putting their meal together. After enjoying the results of their cooking efforts, they then all work together to pack and clean up.

Because the cooking program is such a popular activity, the Community Building Partnerships grant will ensure the kitchen upgrades enhance the cooking experience for clients.

Supporting the Local Community

In recognition of the Community Building Partnership funding, Sophie Cotsis MP personally visited Belmore Day Program to meet with Afford staff and the clients who will benefit from the upgrades made possible by the funding. She presented clients and staff at the site with an oversized cheque for the $18,000 grant.

Afford is so appreciative of the support received through Community Building Partnerships funding. These valuable funds allow us to ensure exceptional client experiences across our sites each and every day.