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Every day, we use technology to learn a new skill, find out more information, and expand our knowledge. Clients of Afford’s Condell Park Day Program are fortunate to have been granted funding as part of a Be Connected Grant. The grant was provided by Good Things Foundation Australia to support people over 50 to learn more about the use of computers.

Funding Vital in Delivering Engaging Supports

Grant funding is vital in helping Afford to deliver engaging and relevant programs and supports for clients and their families. As a not-for-profit, grants help Afford enhance supports and facilities so that every individual with disability has the chance to explore their interests.

Learn How To Use a Computer

As part of the Get Connected grant from Good Things Foundation, Condell Park elderly clients with disabilities and many carers and family members can learn more about the basic use of a computer. The initiative involves participants completing several modules using a computer. Gerard, David, and Susan were the first to tackle the digital world.

Learn New Skills with Support

Afford staff are there at every point to assist clients in identifying different parts of the computer and using the equipment to complete the modules. Clients are supported to log into the modules and go through each task to develop their skills.

Skills that are Relevant for Everyday Life

To make the use of a computer relevant to the everyday, Afford’s Condell Park staff have purchased art, craft, cooking, and beauty items. As part of a new ongoing computer literacy program at Condell Park, staff will now continue to support clients and their carers to use a computer to research the internet about how to use the items purchased. Clients are encouraged to explore their interests by using a computer. They can find out more about how to make a piece of art, follow a recipe, or topics about personal care.

Grant Funding Enhances Programs

Afford is grateful to The Good Things Foundation for the Be Connected Online and Activation Grant. This funding has helped Afford’s mature aged clients learn new skills today, which they can apply in the future. Clients are now more confident in using a computer and have developed an important life skill for greater independence.

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