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This week is Spinal Health Week (May, 20-26 2020). It’s a time to raise awareness about spinal health and ways that we can keep active for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The World Health Organisation says that musculoskeletal conditions are the leading contributor to disability worldwide. These conditions can reduce mobility, dexterity, and functional ability. Musculoskeletal conditions are experienced by all age groups, making it vital for all of us to learn about caring for our bodies.

According to the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), an active spine is a healthy spine! Luckily for the clients at Afford’s Eschol Park Respite, 2018 Community Building Partnership funding has given them more opportunities to maintain their flexibility and movement every day.

Team Leaders used grant funding to buy a new treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike and massage chair. They purchased the gym equipment from local business Macarthur Fitness and the massage chair from Real for Life.

Stay Energised and Engaged

Exercise equipment on-site means that everyone can choose to engage their muscles in ways that suit their abilities. Whether clients want to improve muscle strength or release some excess energy, the new equipment is available for them anytime.

App Download: The ‘Straighten Up’ App aims to improve spinal health, stabilise core muscle groups and enhance health. Consult your doctor before starting.
Grant Funding Helps to Support Individual Client Needs

Afford staff are there to support individuals learn how to use the different equipment to achieve their personal goals.

“We see a change in mood after our clients are involved in high energy activities. They are happier and have more get up and go” said Allison, Team Leader at Eschol Park Respite.

Thanks to 2018 Community Building Partnership funding, Eschol Park Respite clients will be supported to engage in an active lifestyle. They will have greater stimulation, more opportunities to improve their fitness and access to equipment on-site to use whenever they want.