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Who’s that in a fire engine?

Don’t worry there was no fire, just a fire experience of what it’s like to ride a fire engine for one of our Afford Day Program clients.

Since joining Afford Ashfield Day Program in 2013, Gabriela has made many new friends and is often one of the first to welcome new clients to the Day Program. She makes them feel right at home from their first day. Gabriela is extremely friendly and excitable and continues to challenges herself to try new activities and life experiences. Arts and crafts, dancing, reading and playing with the ball are among some of Gabriela’s favourite activities.

On the morning of Friday, 15 June, Gabriela had an unexpected surprise. While enjoying a community outing at Gaby Davidson Park with Afford staff member Dora Taborda, something red suddenly caught Gabriela’s eye. The moment Gabriela saw the fire engine she was off to say hello to the firefighters to make new friends! The fire-fighters welcomed Gabriela and Dora and were delighted to hear about her interest in fire engines and becoming a
fire fighter!

All of Gabriela’s questions were answered as she quizzed them about the engine and their jobs. It wasn’t long before Gabriela was climbing up into the cabin and listening to the sound of the bellowing siren. What a lovely surprise!

Some of the best memories and experiences happen unexpectedly and it’s great to see Gabriela’s confidence shine through.