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The sound of laughter echoes throughout Afford’s Belmore Day Program as clients enjoy friendly competition in their new on-site games room.

Funding provided by the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Programme has supported Afford to create this new space for clients, where they can enjoy social interaction and opportunities to learn and develop.

The new games and recreation room is a welcome addition to the Belmore site, with many clients of all abilities now able to enjoy social times together, whatever the weather.

The games room features a range of activities including a pool table, and games such as table tennis, buck hunt, table soccer and air hockey.

“It’s great that our clients can choose from a variety of games to try and play,” said Marc Menke, Team Leader at Belmore Day Program.

“Everyone gets revved up for some friendly competition, but every game ends with everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.”

Memory, Matt, Susan, Socrates, Peter, Carla, Kelly, Katrina, Naveen, Matthew, Kirk, Natalie, Konrad, Danny, Maher, MJ, Thuy and Rana are all clients who attend Belmore Day Program every week. They have become good friends and playing games together only enhances the group’s camaraderie.

“The new games room gives our clients a wonderful outlet to get to know each other a little better.”

The games room also opens the door to many opportunities for skills development. Table tennis and air hockey are great for hand-eye coordination. The game of pool works on skills that help with problem-solving.

“There are some activities that our clients haven’t played before. We offer support to learn the rules and the techniques to play,” explained Marc.

As a not-for-profit disability provider, generous funding from the Stronger Communities Programme presents opportunities for clients to learn and truly enjoy attending their day program every day.

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