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Thanks to a Liverpool City Council Sustainable Environment Grant, Chipping Norton Day Program is well underway in creating a truly magical, sensory and engaging garden space for all the clients who attend the site.

Liverpool City Council Supporting Afford

The Sustainable Environment Grant of $5,000 will support Afford’s Chipping Norton site to create a native sensory garden to attract wildlife back into the community and engage our client’s with a variety of natural sensory stimuli.

Stephanie is the garden therapist who finalised the design for the backyard, with our clients watching eagerly as the finale details were confirmed.

Grants Help to Enhance Afford Services and programs

Then, preparations began at the site with handyman, Geoff, getting the backyard ready with help from our enthusiastic clients. The water fountain and pebbles have been removed. Soil and pots have been delivered and installed and trees trimmed to make way for more lively and exciting features.

Plants have been delivered, and planting and gardening have begun! Beds have been created, and plants have been placed within the garden area to create an amazing sensory space.

This grant funding has made a significant impact on the Chipping Norton site. A once garden overgrown with weeds is now emerging into a vibrant and appealing garden that offers both clients and the local wildlife many opportunities to thrive.

Sensory and Learning Experiences

Not only will this new garden be a fantastic sensory and aesthetically pleasing addition to the Chipping Norton Day Program, but it will also be used to enhance learning experiences.

The garden is to include new vegetable and herb garden beds and native trees and plants which will all be used as part of educational workshops on living in a green environment.

Thanks to this funding from Liverpool City Council, the staff at Chipping Norton will also be able to incorporate recycling initiatives and educate clients about sustainable living.

Afford is appreciative to Liverpool City Council for the Sustainable Environment Grant for Chipping Norton Day Program. Funding such as this is vital in Afford enhancing is service and programs for clients and creates amazing spaces for all of those in our Afford community to enjoy.