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Every individual who is part of the Afford community has the chance to get involved in activities they enjoy, and that are suited to their unique needs and abilities.

Gemma is a client of Afford’s Kings Park Day Program. She is able to do many activities at the site, however Afford staff are helping Gemma to learn how to better manage her behaviour in various situations.

Achieve Your Goals With Support

Gemma’s goal is to become more independent. Talking with Gemma and her carers, Afford staff member, Kay, realised the Gemma loves crocheting. This activity helps Gemma stay calm, relaxed and ensures she stays focussed on a task.

To support Gemma to work towards her goal, Kay has arranged for Gemma to do some crocheting every Thursday at the Kings Park Day Program.

Develop Your Skills

Gemma has made amazing progress and is well on the way to completing her queen sized blanket. The blanket is impressive with striking purple and red colours, complemented with a soft white. The crocheting skill Gemma displays is remarkable and inspiring.

Socialise With Others

For Gemma, crocheting not only allows her to manage her behaviours, it also makes her happy. As a result, she is more willing to engage in social activities with her peers and talk more freely with friends and staff at Kings Park Day Program.

Through crocheting, Gemma has learnt strategies to help get her in the right mood for certain situations and ways to manage her emotions when she begins to feel overwhelmed. These are vital life skills that will directly enhance Gemma’s interactions with others now and into the future.

Programs to Suit Your Needs

Afford Day Program staff ensure they understand the unique needs of every individual at their site. Programs and activities are created based on client interest and to suit everyone’s abilities so that all can participate.

Find out more about Afford Day Programs and how you can enjoy life with programs tailored by Afford to suit you.