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The Afford Lifestyle lets you explore your interests and develop your skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

Group Homes are a Place to Explore interests

Stanley is a resident at our Empire Group Home who loves music and enjoys art and craft activities. Our Lifestyle Assistants at Empire recently supported Stanley to get hands-on in an activity that would satisfy both his interests.

Interest-Led Activities

Vicky, Stanley’s Lifestyle Assistant, sourced an old guitar to be used as Stanley’s ‘canvas’ for his artwork. He decided that he wanted to do a mosaic artwork and chose the different coloured tiles to decorate the guitar.

This is an activity that Stanley enjoys doing a few times a week. It’s relaxing and something that Stanley can call his own.

In addition, to being a great form of self expression, Stanley’s artwork is a piece that he can use to decorate his home. It reflects his interests in both music and art and showcases his creativity and persevering spirit.

Making It Your Home

Each time Stanley completes a new section of his guitar mosaic, he says he is looking forward to seeing it hung up in his home for all his friends to enjoy. He is also looking forward to showing his mum and dad.

The Afford Lifestyle

The Afford Lifestyle is all about Afford going above and beyond to help our residents achieve their personal goals for work, at home and in life. We’re here to ensure our residents have access and opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy to learn, grow and live the life they want.