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Afford’s art and craft programs are engaging, therapeutic and educational activities that many of our clients enjoy taking part in each and every day across our Day Programs.

Many of our clients have been fortunate enough to have their artworks and sculptures showcased in art displays for viewing by the general public and others simply enjoy the pleasure of seeing their works of art displayed at their site or in their homes.

Clients from Lurnea Day Program recently enhanced their creative skills by joining an art class at the Casula Powerhouse Museum in Sydney’s West. These art classes are always a huge hit for participants and really give everyone the opportunity to let their abilities soar!

The art teacher, Elizabeth, is so caring and patient. She gives the clients a theme each week and encourages them to use lots of colour and imagination.

During the art class, our clients used a variety of different artistic methods to create artworks of animal characters, landscapes of their home or of mountains, rivers, trees and flowers. Clients also get the chance to draw objects, such as wild flowers in a jar and fruit in baskets.

Elizabeth also provided our clients with a tour of the Powerhouse Museum corridors, which are full of exhibitions. Seeing some of the artwork throughout the museum gives our clients a greater understanding and appreciation of other people’s art.

After their session of creativity and imagination, clients and Lifestyle Assistants enjoyed a walk through Haigh Park in Moorebank. Getting out into the fresh air and enjoying a brisk walk always sets everyone in a good mood; ready for the next adventure!