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Literacy and numeracy are all important skills that Afford staff support clients to learn through fun and interactive activities.

With the weather getting cooler, clients of our Jamisontown Day Program have been participating in a library program.

Developing Your Skills

As part of the program, clients have the opportunity to become immersed in the stories told from a variety of books and magazines during their library visit. Clients enjoy joining in and reading the books together with staff.

Each of the clients have individual interests and passions and during their visit have the opportunity to read about what they enjoy. One client, Angela, would like to one day get married, so she enjoys looking through the bridal magazines to see what’s new and the different dresses that she loves.

Nathan loves Pokemon, so he is always drawn to Pokemon themed books, while other clients are happy to have staff read to them while looking at the pictures.

Engage Your Imagination

Not only do clients have the chance to develop their skills in reading and engaging their imaginations through stories, but they also get some time to use the computers at the library. During these sessions, clients are supported by staff to browse the internet and learn more about the different functions of computers and technologies.

Library staff also assist clients with any queries they may have to find a book, topic or simply to have a chat.

Learn Responsibility

But no library visit would be complete without being able to borrow a library book. So, with the support of Afford staff, Jamisontown Day Program clients are all now members of the library and are able to borrow books, with the responsibility of returning them the next week.

The library experience enables clients to learn more about responsibility and build their independence and confidence to seek out information on their own.

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