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Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program is such a great opportunity for school leavers to enhance their skills and develop their confidence. The program supports trainees to confidently tackle any situation that they may be presented with when they join the workforce.

Practical Experience to Apply in the Workforce

Recently, our Penrith and Minchinbury SLES trainees participated in a Mock Interview Day. The purpose of the day was to give participants the chance to learn more about the interview process, gain essential interview skills and have to opportunity to experience what to expect when being interviewed. Trainers were there to support each individual to learn from the experience.

On arrival, the SLES trainers knew that the trainees meant business. They were all dressed in professional style clothes and well prepared for their interviews.

Approaching Interviews with a Positive Mindset

With a positive mindset, trainees learnt about the importance of body language and first impressions. They also learnt how to respond in a positive manner and picked up hints and tips before for nailing those interview questions.

Trainees performed amazingly during their interviews! They proved that they were true professionals and deserved to be successful in each one-on-one interview scenario.

Individual Vs Group Interviews

In the afternoon, trainees had the opportunity to participate in a group interview. During this interview, trainees were encouraged to learn how to best stand out amongst others in the group.

Aside from learning some valuable interview techniques, trainees also gained confidence in their own abilities.

Putting Learning into Real Life Scenarios

In particular, Wesley from Penrith SLES, did a fantastic job to stay focused and try his hardest. He has a job interview lined up soon, so the skills he has learnt will definitely be put into practice soon.