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Afford Group Homes are welcoming environments that truly create safe places where friends can share their experiences, enjoy outings together and simply take in all the benefits that independent living can provide.

Residents often make their own meals at home, with many having impressive gardens with herbs and vegetables to use in their healthy meal preparation. But sometimes, as a bit of a treat and to get out and about in the community, housemates go out for dinner or lunch together.

Daryl, Douglas, Dean and Toby of the Dolphin and Koala houses in Penrith recently decided that they wanted to eat out for dinner and all chose St Marys Band Club as the place to visit.

Everyone chose what they wanted to eat from the menu and enjoyed a meal together; telling jokes, having laughs and creating new memories to last a lifetime.

“Such a good choice for dinner. I’m really full now. That was good.” – Toby, Afford Group Home Resident.

Also recently, the team at True Blue decided to go out the Gaels Irish Club for a pub lunch and to and relax in the sports bar watching the cricket and horse racing.

While watching the cricket, one resident, Mark, suggested that the group should attend a cricket match at the end of the year. Fellow housemate, Kenneth, suggested going out to enjoy lunch for Melbourne Cup. Both ideas were well received by the group and plans set in place to make both ideas a reality.

Residents are supported by Lifestyle Assistants where and when they are needed. Residents make their own choices and have the independence to live life the way they want. Getting to go out and visit community activities and facilities, eateries and restaurants presents many opportunities to build confidence and contribute to the local community.

Residents form strong friendships and work together to support each other and achieve goals together.