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Giuseppe migrated to Australia from Italy a few years ago, but as a new migrant to a new country, getting into the workforce can be quite a challenge.

He didn’t let his disability prevent him from trying to find a new job to support his wife, two kids and extended family members. It was important to him that he could continue working in Australia and support his family.
Initially, Giuseppe’s wife interpreted for him at our meetings. Despite his limited English and difficulties with walking or standing for long periods of time, he was so keen to work and flexible to try any job. During these initial meetings, Afford Employment Consultants identified his skills and abilities to find job options that would be suitable for him. Giuseppe told us that he was previously a truck driver in Italy and warehousing roles and was confident that he could do similar jobs here in Australia.

Looking at his transferable skills and physical restrictions, Afford staff created a job plan with Giuseppe to enable him to apply his experience in Australia. Afford helped Giuseppe with his resume and job applications and also paid for accredited Forklift Training. Before long he obtained his Forklift Licence and was placed as a casual Forklift Driver through a local labour hire agency. With Afford’s post placement support and mentoring, Giuseppe was offered a permanent position within 3 months with the employer. More recently, Giuseppe needed assistance with updating his resume again as he was hoping to find a suitable job closer to home. Afford assisted him with this and soon he was offered a role closer to home as a Community Transport Driver for Scalabrini Village, a retirement home. His English has been improving and he is now able to communicate without an interpreter.

He has been successfully employed for some time now and is quite independent however has chosen to remain connected with Afford in Flexible Ongoing Support. He told us recently that he enjoys being able to drive the residents of the retirement home to appointments and activities and feels that he is making a difference in their life.
Well done Giuseppe!