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Our world is such an amazing place and it is fascinating to experience first-hand the many unique animals that live on Earth. As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents across Afford group homes are encouraged to explore more of the world around them. This could include everything from their local community, the city, or even abroad on an Afford Getaway.

Choose Where You Want To Go

For the residents of our Glen Alpine home, learning more about our planet’s animals meant an exciting trip to the zoo.

Travel Training

Along with their Lifestyle Assistants, residents Moesha Lenz, Bianca Best and Joanne Bates worked out how they would get into the city and then to Taronga Zoo. The trip involved catching the train and then the ferry to the zoo. By land and by water, the ladies loved the different experiences. They were supported to learn about the different public transport cues and using their Opal cards for the journey.

Once they stepped through the gates of Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the ladies were instantly captivated about all the different animals to see.

Choose Your Experiences

They decided that it was best to get an overview of the zoo’s enclosures from the air! So they hopped onto the chairlift which took them over the elephant enclosure and many others.

After the chairlift ride, the group wandered around the zoo. They learned many animal facts and watched the unique animal behaviours.

During their stroll through the zoo, Moesha, Bianca and Joanne saw elephants, giraffes, seals, and the cassowary. They also visited the penguin exhibit and watched the penguins frolic in the water.

Through the sea life exhibition, the ladies saw exotic fish, tortoises. The meerkats, lemurs and various ape species were also great entertainment with their little mannerisms and swinging abilities.

The Afford Lifestyle

Lifestyle Assistants of Afford homes organise outings and activities based on the choices and interests of residents. As part of The Afford Lifestyle, residents are supported to explore their interests.

There is always a van parked out the front of Afford homes; ready to take residents to places that they choose. Afford homes support you to live life on your terms.

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