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External funding plays an important role in helping Afford deliver quality and varied supports for our clients. Grant funding helps us to enhance our facilities and provide engaging equipment that supports our clients’ skills development.

Sydney Motorway Corporation/West Connex Grant Funding

Thanks to grant funding from Sydney Motorway Corporation/West Connex, Ashfield Day Program has purchased an amazing pinball machine to enhance the lives of clients who attend the site through sensory stimulation, skills development and fun!

The new pinball machine is an original Williams brand 1980s Jokerz machine, with all the original beautiful art work, mesmerising lights and that great, genuine mechanical feedback that you just find anymore.

Sensory and Fine Motor Skills Development

A real gem among Ashfield Day Program’s suite of activities, the pinball machine immediately attracts clients with its bold, vibrant colours and sounds.

When being played, the pinball machine’s music and sound effects erupt and everyone just wants to have a go. There is always a queue waiting to use the new attraction.

Learning That’s Fun

The integration of the pinball at the Ashfield site works to support clients develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in a fun an engaging way.

At Afford, our services are all about learning life skills in the everyday and the new pinball machine at Ashfield showcases an innovative method of engaging client interest to learn new skills.

Many clients have been keen to test their skill and learn more by using the pinball machine The unexpected bonus, is that even those who do not wish to, or cannot play with the pinball machine, still find it very appealing because of its sensory stimulus.

The bright lights, and various sounds and music and feedback of pushing a button and watching things happen is a great attraction to all our clients.

Thanks to the introduction of the pinball machine, made possible by the Sydney Motorway Corporation/West Connex Community Grants Scheme 2017/18, clients are enjoying a new level of engagement and coordination training that they had never experienced before.