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Fly through space and touch planets. Dive down as if you’re under the sea. Play among the flowers and grass in the garden. These are all the sensory experiences now created for all clients at Afford’s Windsor Day Program. This sensory engagement is thanks to generous funding from Susan Templeton Stronger Communities – Macquarie.

The funding has given staff at Windsor the ability to purchase equipment that supports visual and tactile interaction for a new sensory space on-site.

Windsor Day Program has a large room that, until now, was bare and underutilised. It has now been transformed into an engaging sensory space that benefits clients with a range of needs.

New furniture, including comfy armchairs as well as a massage chair, makes the room more welcoming and interactive. The massage chair, in particular, allows clients to sit back and relax. Massage helps clients reduce their anxiety and ease their muscles.

For clients, the interactive sensory wall is their favourite part of the new sensory room. A projector displays a variety of scenes on the wall. Clients can see planets in space projected on the wall, or flowers in an open field. Clients can then touch images to make them move, disappear, or change. The images projected on the wall incorporate movement to encourage cause and effect learning.

“Our clients in wheelchairs can now move freely in the sensory space and interactively play the games on the screen. Some clients go in there to engage with the equipment, others go in to relax. The sensory room at Windsor Day Program has enhanced daily on-site activities and experiences for all of our clients,” said Claressa Botha, Team Leader at Windsor Day Program.

Sensory engagement offers many learning benefits. Find out how Afford Day Programs across Australia incorporate sensory activities to engage, stimulate and create fun for clients.