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At Afford, it is important that we provide opportunities for our community to have information and advice on topics that could impact their life or the life of their loved one.

Thanks to Fairfield City Council’s Community Development Grants program and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Grants, Afford’s DES (Disability Employment Services) was able to hold an information session about domestic violence recently.

Grants Help Afford Provide Information to the Community

Around 40 people attended the information session at PYT School of Arts in Fairfield. The session included presentations from the local Fairfield Police Domestic Violence Unit, Family and Community services, law access and staying at home services.

Police representatives provided attendees with an overview of the steps they take when they are called to attend incidents.

Family and Community Services provided information about the supports they offer including emergency accommodation, and ways that these services can be accessed.

The representative from the Department of Human Services discussed payments, as well as support services, including social worker case management.

Southwest Sydney Legal services and Staying at Home Staying Safe Domestic Violence Support Services provided information about legal support including AVO’s, court appearances, rights and obligations.

Supporting Everyone’s Needs

Many of the attendees were from a non-English speaking background. Afford’s DES Bankstown Team Leader, Layla, served as an interpreter for attendees of Arabic background to ensure that information was easily understood and any questions could be asked and answered directly.

It was a very informative two hour session. For some, these topics can be emotionally challenging and confronting. So to provide some relief, morning tea was provided for attendees, which gave everyone the chance to socialise, refresh and re-energise. The day finished with three lucky door prizes and entertainment from belly dance troupe Divine dance productions.

Feedback from attendees was very positive and rewarding, with some commenting on the importance of the information presented and the need for more conversation around it.

Thanks to grant funding from Fairfield City Council, Afford can hold information sessions such as these to provide our community with vital information about services and supports.

The safety of the Afford community is our top priority and grants make it possible for Afford to create opportunities for clients, carers and families to learn more about accessing supports, as well as their rights.