Afford’s Glen Alpine Supported Independent Living (SIL) home was recently upgraded thanks to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership. The backyard is almost unrecognisable, with a new relaxation area to complement their in-ground pool. The residents have enjoyed spending time outside and taking advantage of the last warm days before the Winter chill sets in.

Afford’s SIL homes are designed to support residents as they develop their independence and engage in various activities and programs through our whole-of-life approach.

“We are so lucky to have received cementing out the back and a new accessible ramp. We also received new plants and had gardens installed along the fence,” said Team Leader, Bryan Kepu.

Relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day or practicing their hydrotherapy strength training have always been popular activities. However, many residents expressed that they would like to spend time outdoors without being in the pool. Thus, the Glen Alpine project was created.

“The residents wanted something different out the back where they could hang out with their friends. They enjoy interacting together but they also like to have their own space. Creating this area gives them more options,” continued Bryan.

Amanda, Bianca, Cameron and Joanne love the new addition to their site and have already created some special memories together. It is also an excellent opportunity to work on achieving their goals.

“They were very excited to have a garden and to be able to practice their gardening skills. It’s a great way to socialise and learn more about agriculture,” said Bryan.

Over the last three years of living together, the residents have shared many memories and seen each other achieve fantastic things. We look forward to seeing them continue to enjoy this space.

Afford is thankful to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership for enabling us to upgrade our SIL homes and provide residents with the best quality support.

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