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Many of the residents living in Afford Group Homes across Australia love to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm! For the Panthers residents, they cooked up a Poseidon style storm during their Greek night at their home.

Embrace your Uniqueness

Archie is a Panthers resident who is of Greek heritage. As part of The Afford Lifestyle, Lifestyle Assistants encourage residents to embrace their cultural backgrounds and traditions because after all, it’s what makes them unique.

Archie was super excited to make one of his favourite dishes from his childhood. It always brings a smile to his face and fond memories of his family.

Be Confident. Be Independent

Along with his housemates, Archie organised with his Lifestyle Assistant, Krystal, to get the ingredients for his Greek feast. The delicious Greek-inspired menu included everything from a healthy Greek Salad through to a traditional Moussaka. Then to top it all off, the team bought mouth-watering chocolate mousse for dessert.

The team gathered all the ingredients and started chopping. They sliced and diced and then they baked.

Of course, the evening was made that extra bit special with a beautiful menu for each diner to guide them through the delicious three-course meal.

After eating loads of food, the housemates decided that some Greek dancing was in order! The Greek music began to play, and everyone got up to show off their moves. Archie even taught the group a few traditional Greek dance moves.

Great food, good friends and great memories. That’s what The Afford Lifestyle is all about. Afford supports residents to live the life they want under the NDIS.

Our Lifestyle Assistants are there to encourage residents to be confident in their abilities and share their interests with friends.

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