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Our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program supports young people explore their employment interests and get some hands-on, practical experience in the workforce.

Focused on Your Work Aspirations

Our SLES Ingleburn trainee, Hannah, has always wanted to work with children. She enjoys the stimulating work of children’s education and has personal aspirations to find long term employment that involves working with children.

With support from her trainer, Hannah secured work experience at Happy Clown Kindergarten in Ingleburn.

Her job is to assist staff with when setting up the play area, reading story time, dining tables and setting up for meals times. She also helps prepare beds for the afternoon nap for the children.

After just one day, Hannah had already developed a rapport with the children at the centre. She helps them get ready for different activities, such as painting, gets involved in role playing with the children and loves to share stories with the children throughout the day.

Developing Skills and Confidence

Not only is Hannah supporting the children of the centre to develop their life skills, the work experience is supporting Hannah to develop her self confidence and skills in managing a workplace environment and the demands of working with children.

So far, her employer is very pleased with Hannah’s performance during work experience. She will continue to attend the centre each Monday to further enhance her skills. When she’s ready, Hannah can then apply for employment at the centre or more widely in the child care industry.

Work experience provides Hannah and other SLES trainees with practical experience, opportunities to develop workplace skills, and the chance to build confidence to gain paid employment.

Work That’s Right for You

Finding the right job straight after school can be tricky. But with support and guidance to develop your skills, anything is possible! Find out more about our SLES program.