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Hannah has grown into an enthusiastic, motivated and determined young woman. Over the past few months, she has participated in Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) online training to refine her job readiness skills and build confidence in her abilities.

Afford initiated online training programs for SLES trainees to continue skills development while COVID-19 social distancing measures were in place.

From the comfort of her own home, Hannah developed her skills through the SLES online training, facilitated by Afford SLES trainer, Livenya.

She logged in for every online training session. She has been an active participant and has approached the remote experience with maturity and a willingness to learn.

The online training has helped Hannah develop her language and reading. She is now more confident to tackle new material for any task.

Hannah has developed her skills in active listening, writing emails and being aware of body language. She and her peers have worked on their problem-solving skills, time, and money management. They also were expected to log in on time for each session which developed skills in punctuality and attendance.

Although SLES training was online, it was like a virtual classroom where all trainees could log in and be part of the sessions.

Hannah and her fellow trainees had to put their communication and social skills into practice.

Everyone quickly learned the etiquette of talking to each other via an online platform.

“Hannah has shocked us with her participation and reading. She has improved a lot since joining SLES,” said Hannah’s mum, Linda.

When she was attending the SLES Ingleburn site, Hannah was working on her everyday skills for independence. She was participating in cooking programs and work readiness experiences. After engaging with other SLES trainees on-site, her abilities have improved. She is more confident to try new things.

Afford’s SLES program supports school leavers with disability to explore their interests and enhance their skills with supportive trainers to guide them along the way.

SLES provides young job seekers with the opportunity to take time out to experience a variety of workplaces and industries to see what’s right for them.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program and connect with trainers for support and encouragement to get ready for life in the workforce.