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Afford is a place where we celebrate diversity and individuals of every cultural, religious and racial background are welcome. We provide support to help you live your best life and have a sense of belonging in a supportive and encouraging community.

This Week is Harmony Week (15th – 21st March)! Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. In celebration of Harmony Week, we want to share some of the ways that Afford practices inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Cultural Understanding

Afford is lucky to have a rich and vibrant cultural community. Our clients, as well as our staff, come from many different countries, speak a variety of languages and follow diverse traditions. Our staff support individuals and their families to understand disability supports and services in their native language. We have staff that can speak a variety of languages including Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, various African dialects and many more!

Celebrating Diversity

Cultural and religious traditions and events such as Easter, Christmas, EID (Festival of breaking the Fast), Ramadan, St Patrick’s Day and more are all celebrated across our Day Programs and services across Australia as one community.

Integrating Inclusive Programs

Every month, Jamisontown Day Program chooses a country to find out more about. They learn about the culture and cook traditional dishes of the country. They recently made some of the delicacies of Greece such as Greek meatballs, lemon potatoes and salad. They have also made Fish and Chips to celebrate Australian culture!

As part of King Park Day Program’s Tuesday Cooking Program, they have made mouth-watering gozleme – a favourite Turkish dish! Not only has this cooking program provided clients with the chance to develop their skills in peeling and cutting vegetables, as well as safely using the stove and learning how to cook food for greater independent living, the program also opens individuals up to different cultures. The flavours of different dishes, an appreciation of the time it takes to allow dough to rise for the plumpest bread and the various spices that different cultures use in their cooking.

Celebrating Community

A sense of community and belonging is very important at Afford. Getting together with friends to share life experiences – triumphs and challenges – is what makes our community strong and supportive.

As part of Harmony Week, Canley Vale Day Program hosted a gathering for Afford clients, carers and staff on site. Canley Vale has a wonderful open area towards the front of the site, so this was the perfect place to get everyone together.

Staff organised for a food truck to attend the site which presented a range of delicious dishes. Some clients chose fish and chips. Others preferred burgers and salads. There were even pulled pork buns for those who were after something a little spicier.

The food was amazing, the music was playing, and everyone was invited to wear something orange to celebrate Harmony Day. The event is designed to make sure that everyone feels like they belong. Feel valued. Feel part of our strong community.

Canley Vale Day Program is a Day Program for disability services in Sydney’s West. Many Day Programs visit Canley Vale to engage and sensory activities at the site’s state-of-the-art sensory room. So, it was great to have a variety of clients from different sites stay for Harmony Day celebrations. It offered everyone the chance to socialise and make new friends. It was also very special to have all attendees feel comfortable sharing time together.

At Afford, our staff go above and beyond to support individuals achieve their goals under the NDIS. We are your partners through the NDIS journey, and our mission is to make everyone feel that they have a place in our community where they can let their abilities soar!

Happy Harmony Week!