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Afford Supports An Inclusive Melbourne

At Afford, our aim is to support every individual throughout every part of their life, so that they can achieve their goals and live their dreams.

We Care!

We genuinely care about providing opportunities to bring happiness to our clients. Our staff ensure that our person-centred supports are just that – centred on each person’s unique interests and abilities.

We’re also pushing the boundaries of traditional disability supports to partner with organisations such as the Hawthorn Hawks and Yarra Trams in Melbourne and Wests Tigers in Sydney to encourage inclusion and acceptance of people of all abilities in sport and the wider community.

Yarra Trams Community Partner

Afford has also been named 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partner which involves an entire tram being wrapped with images of people of all abilities.

Our Melbourne team recently gathered some of the big names in AFL to celebrate our Melbourne partnerships and see the Afford Community Partner Tram up close.

Hawks Jump On Board with Afford!

Hawthorn FC AFL Player, Jack Scrimshaw, Hawthorn FC’s Wheelchair team player, Troy Hawkins and Hawthorn FC’s FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) team player, Jordy, joined with Afford clients Samuel, Jacob and Jack in front of the newly wrapped Afford Melbourne Yarra Tram to celebrate the partnership promoting An Inclusive Melbourne.

The Afford Community Partner Tram (#3008) can be seen passing the MCG on Route 48 (North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands) and can also be seen on Route 109 (Box Hill to Port Melbourne) until July this year.

For over 65 years we’ve been providing disability supports that help our clients realise their dreams, take on new life experiences and enjoy life.

Partnerships Extend Service Offering

These partnerships will create opportunities for our Afford community to enjoy a footy game with respite in a Sensory Friendly Space at the MCG if and when they need it, or meet their favourite players and be part of the guard of honour at a footy match. They will also encourage people with disability to explore more of the community around them.

An Inclusive Melbourne

We’re shining the spotlight on people of all abilities. When members of the general public see the Afford tram running along the tracks of Melbourne, we’re sure that our message of inclusion and embracing everyone’s unique abilities will be heard.

Find out more about Afford disability support in Melbourne and across Australia.