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Afford has always been a strong advocate for nutritious eating for a healthy lifestyle. We’ve established a range of fitness programs, as well as Club Afford to encourage our clients, residents, and staff to be more active and learn more about making healthy food choices.

Healthy Habits for Life

Now, one of our Group Home Lifestyle Assistant, Kylie, has initiated a ‘Healthy Habits’ book to support our residents develop healthy habits for life. It’s all part of The Afford Lifestyle that we deliver to residents in our homes across Australia every day.

Interestingly, a recent report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and a major study from market research company, Mintel, found that Australia’s eating habits are far from perfect.

Every 24 hours, we consumer over 3kg of food on average. This is higher than the global average. Unfortunately, 35% of our average energy intake is made up of junk food and highly processed snacks. This is bad news for our health and waistlines.

Make Healthier Choices

Kylie’s new Healthy Habits book outlines how residents can make healthier choices for eating, physical and mental health.

After consultation with a GP to assess the suitability of activities, the Healthy Habits book introduces residents to the basic practices and guidelines to develop a healthy living plan.

The book takes into consideration people of all abilities. Ideas for exercise aren’t limited to going to the gym. Other ideas include walking, dancing while doing the housework, or even throwing a Frisbee at the local park.

The ladies from the Bluebird home have already begun to put their healthy habits into practice. During their visits to the shops, they select fresh fruit and vegetables to eat daily.

Choices To Suit Your Lifestyle

Residents from the True Blue homes have diverse dietary needs, including food allergies. So finding meals that are tasty, nutritious and suitable for all housemates can be challenging. With Kylie’s support and recipe research, residents now have a few recipes, such as vegetable bakes and frittatas, on hand that are nutritious as well as tasty! The meals have been heartily welcomed by everyone at every mealtime.

The recipes are suitable because they are filling and have a low GI, which keeps you full for longer and doesn’t include gluten, which caters for those with allergies.

The Afford Lifestyle is about giving residents the opportunity and choice to lead a happy and healthy life. With support from our dedicated Lifestyle Assistants, residents can develop new skills and live life on their terms.

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