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For us at Afford, it’s paramount that every person within our community has the chance to get involved in the activities they love, and that they are supported to achieve their goals under the NDIS. We’re also committed to encouraging inclusive communities and creating new opportunities for people of all abilities.

Afford Supports You To Have A Go

That’s why, we have partnered with Heroes With Abilities. It’s a new initiative where every individual, no matter their disability, can play a game of modified football and work as a team to ultimately become the reigning champions of the Afford Shield.

People living with intellectual disability, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, physical and other disability are welcome to join and participate.

The competition involves a modified game of touch football where there are six tackles and the ball is always kept in play. Teams will also have two able bodied players who are there to mentor and encourage team members but are not able to score or kick the ball.

Afford Provides Opportunities for All

Players from Afford Day Programs from across Sydney including Windsor, Cherrywood, Oran Park, Canley Vale, Campbelltown, Jamisontown, Ashfield and others will develop their skills in ball passing, balance, kicking, playing as a team and of course, having fun!

Players will be involved in 10 weeks of one-hour training sessions. This will then culminate in a Gala Day where teams will be placed in pools to play against each other.

Become a Champion – Afford Shield

The top two teams will then go into the final to become reigning champions and be awarded the Heroes With Abilities Afford Shield.

Afford consistently goes beyond traditional service offerings to give individuals opportunities to realise their dreams and participate in activities they enjoy.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

The Heroes With Abilities initiative is another way that we can encourage our Afford community to lead happy and healthy lifestyles and to be confident to have a go.

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