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Kick, pass the ball, run, and score a try! It is this energy and activity that many Affordians have missed while the Heroes with Ability football program has been on hold due to the Coronavirus.

Now, with safety procedures in place, individuals from Afford’s Lurnea, Green Valley, Belmore, Oran Park, Canley Vale, Condell Park, Campbelltown, Guildford Day Programs are eager and ready to return to the footy field for tackle and kicking practice, camaraderie and fun.

Heroes with Ability is a program that encourages people with any disability to play a modified competition of touch football. The program supports individuals to learn new skills and have a go as part of a team.

Ten weeks of training work towards a Gala Day where the friendly competition ends with a final match between two teams to battle it out for the Afford Shield.

Afford partnered with Heroes with Ability last year to provide more opportunities for Day Program participants to socialise with others and enjoy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The global pandemic put the regular games on hold for a while, but Heroes with Ability founders, George Tonna and Marco Quinto, continued to catch up with teams via Zoom.

Now, the program is back and participants are again working on their skills and staying active. Teams are training separately with all day program clients heading to Michael Clarke Leisure Centre for their latest footy session.

“You could tell that everyone was so excited to be back playing football. It’s a great program that makes sure that every individual, no matter what their disability, has the chance to get involved and contribute to their team’s efforts,” said Kathy Bullock, Afford District Manager, South West.

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