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Cooking program at Afford’s Jamisontown Day Program is far from ordinary. Programs are engaging, innovative and always fun!

Cooking Programs that Help You Learn

Staff at Jamisontown Day Program incorporate themes for each of their cooking programs. They regularly centre around learning more about food and cultures for their ‘Country of the Month’. Some months, the team creates dining themes, such as a grazing table’, or ‘celebrations, parties and platters’.

Recently, Team Jamo’s cooking program was all about High Tea and it truly was an event to tantalise the eyes and stomach!

Develop Skills for Independence

For the High Tea event, Jamisontown clients made everything. Staff supported them to develop their menu of sandwiches, mini quiche, fun little pavlovas, chocolate mousse, trifle, cupcakes and gorgeous little edible teacups.

Let Your Creativity Shine!

In addition to the food, clients also made the decorations! The made the placemats, and made cutlery holders from doilies. They created fun and vibrant bunting to go above the table and also picked flowers from their site’s garden to have as table decorations.

Expand Your Knowledge about Food

The aim of creating such engaging cooking programs is to give individuals the opportunity to learn something new about food and how it is presented. Food doesn’t just have to come out of a lunch box, it can be delivered in different ways that are interesting and fun. These activities encourage clients to try different foods, some of which they may have never tried before.

Not only do they use the skills that they have learned throughout the year to prepare the food, but they can also let their creativity go wild in presenting the food and decorating the room.

For the High Tea, 10 clients and seven staff all sat down together to enjoy the deliciousness of their hard work.

Sitting together and sharing a meal is an important part of the cooking program. Having everyone sit down together positively affects conversation and brings a fun family feeling to the site. It also encourages those who don’t like to sit for too long, to stay a little longer, and those that don’t like to eat much, to eat a little more.

The staff do a wonderful job assisting where needed. Everyone works as a team and helps from beginning to end.

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