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Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is a big part of what we encourage at Afford. Many residents who live in our Group Homes across Australia are keen gardeners and use what they’ve grown to make delicious and nutritious meals.

 Starting A Gardening Program

Residents at the Sunshine Group Home in Penrith, NSW, are getting their hands dirty to sow some new seedlings in their veggie patch.

 Donna, Collen, Kim and Jodie have planted a range of different seedlings to grow and, when ready, harvest to use in cooking at their home.

 The ladies have planted cabbage, eggplant and passionfruit. They realised that these are the best plants to grow at this time of year and they’re also the ladies’ favourites! They are hoping the passionfruit vines will climb over the fence and produce some amazing fruit to eat.

 Taking Responsibility

After preparing the soil and planting the seedlings, the ladies watered the plants. They water the plants every evening and look forward to watching them grow.

 Cooking Healthy Meals

All the ladies enjoy cooking in the kitchen. They research the meals that they want to cook by looking up recipes on the internet. Then they make their list of ingredients to buy at the shops and also budget how much they will have the spend.

 The ladies have developed a strong friendship and enjoy doing many activities together. The gardening project is something they can ‘own’ and share the responsibility in caring for the plants.

 The Afford Lifestyle

Enjoying The Afford Lifestyle means that residents can get involved in activities that they enjoy with the support of Afford Lifestyle Assistants if and when they need it.

 We encourage our residents to lead healthy lifestyles by staying active and eating nutritious meals. Gardening programs are a great way of supporting residents in learning about responsibility, how food is grown and being independent.

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