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Art is an important form of expression and tool for communication. Afford Day Programs across Australia incorporate art programs as a way for clients to develop creative skills and explore new tactile experiences.

Realising the Artist Within

Ms Sandra is the art facilitator who has an amazing talent for bringing out the artist within. She helps our clients learn about different forms of drawing, painting and illustration. She gives everyone different techniques to use to get a range of results in their artwork.

 Art to Share with Family and Friends

Our clients have also had the chance to make cards for various holidays and events like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. Ms Sandra has even helped the group learn paper craft and pottery skills, which they love.

 During art sessions, the group uses all different materials. They use cartons and cardboards to form and create shapes and figures. They also use clay to form into shapes and then they paint them.

 Gaining a Sense of Pride

Everyone who participates in the art sessions is always really proud of what they have created. They get to take their pieces home and some even give them as a gift to their family and friends. Others hang them on walls and add to their ‘wall of fame.’

 Art and crafts programs support our clients learn so many skills. Activities support the development of fine motor skills and develops social skills by working as a group.

 Most importantly, our clients have fun and develop confidence in their own abilities. Through art, they can express themselves and be creative.

 Extending Programs to Benefit Client Growth

As an extension to the art program, Blacktown Day Program staff have organised for clients to visit an art gallery. This will help boost everyone’s interest in the art program and also provide examples of different artworks.

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