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On 5 October, the team at Belmore Day Program took part in their weekly Independent Living Skills Program to build up their confidence in the kitchen.

Clients, Mansour, Anna, Carmella, Michael, Aimee, Najashey, Diane, Phoung and Daniel Bazzi all participated in the program enthusiastically.

The program occurs every Friday at Belmore Day Program and clients start the day by deciding what they would like to cook for lunch. Then, along with Afford staff, then travel to the local supermarket to buy the groceries. This process explores the ideas of healthy meal options, preparation and budgeting.

Once back at Belmore, all the preparation begins! For this meal, clients were making Satay Chicken with rice. Everyone put on their food handling gloves and began to peel, chop and sort food in preparation for lunch. Chicken was prepared, vegetables were chopped and each client took turns stirring the food and then serving it up. While cooking, clients often comment: “This kitchen smells great!”

After lunch, everyone helps to tidy up the kitchen and empty the bins.

“Clients are always happy in this program,” said Agus at Belmore Day Program.