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Industry visits give our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) trainees a sneak peek into different industries to see firsthand what job opportunities are available.

So Many Job Opportunities Are Available

For many trainees, it’s an eye opening experience where they realise that there are actually many different roles available that contribute to the everyday running and success of a business.

Our Penrith and Minchinbury SLES trainees recently participated in an industry visit to Edinglassie Lodge in Penrith to learn about working in an aged care facility.

Trainees Always Have the Support of Experienced SLES Trainers

Along with their trainers, Sharon, Jermyn and Tayla, the trainees met with Edinglassie’s Manager, Belinda, to get an overview of some of the opportunities available.

Trainees were impressed to find a whole range of different employment options to consider. There were a range of roles such as cleaners, cooks, massage therapists, nurses, personal care workers and even an in house hair dresser with their very own salon for residents to enjoy regular visits.

Trainees learnt about the in-house laundry mat and what is involved with the day to day running of this service including washing, drying, ironing, sorting, folding and finally the return of belongings to the correct room.

During the tour of the aged care facility, trainees asked questions about extra activities and festivities that the residents participate in throughout the year. They were impressed to hear that there are a range of festivities celebrated such as Australia Day, Christmas and many more. In addition, the trainees found out that there are volunteers who visit daily and offer music and craft activities for residents.

Learning more about different roles

Trainees also had the unique opportunity to engage with some of the residents and spend some time with them; sharing their life memories and looking through memory boxes and seeing photos of residents hung up outside their rooms of when they were younger.

Understanding the Needs of the Business and its Residents

It was a fantastic industry visit which allowed trainees to get a better understanding of how an aged care facility is run and the many job opportunities available in the industry. It also presented trainees with the chance to understand the business from the resident’s perspective and get to know the people that benefit from such a service.

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