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It is important to stay up to date about the latest developments in funding available to support your overall health and well-being. It is also beneficial to find out about activities available in your local area or online to help you develop skills and make new friends.

Thanks to funding for 2020 NSW Government Grant for the Seniors Festival, Afford’s Kings Park Day Program held a Seniors Festival at their site. The event was held to give mature-aged clients with disabilities and their families information about local activities, and resources available from services such as Centrelink.

At Afford, we work with every individual to ensure their needs are met. Through funding from the NSW Government, Kings Park staff have been able to provide clients over 65 with a forum to ask questions about the age pension, Newstart Allowance, Disability Support Pension, Carer Payments, Rent Assistance and more.

Clients, Trevor, Ian, Peter, Kenneth, Anthony, Joseph, Daryl, Aiden, Ramon, and Kieran, were able to speak directly with staff about their personal circumstance and get advice to suit their needs.

Senior staff member, Olive, spoke about Centrelink and how seniors can receive benefits. Olive talked about circumstances when seniors are eligible to apply for the pension, where to get the information needed to apply, forms available and where to locate them on the Internet and local Centrelink locations in the community.

Some clients wanted to know more about rent assistance to support their independent living choices. Others were interested in learning more about the carer allowance for family support.

After the information session, Kings Park Day Program organised for an art therapy session facilitated by counsellor and art therapist, Sandra Sweetman, from Shiloh Counselling Services.

During the art therapy session, clients and carers were guided by Sandra to let their creative spirit shine! They were able to practice different painting techniques, learn about colour, texture and effect and get a better understanding of impressionist forms of artwork. By the end of the session, clients had produced their own copy of a famous Monet ‘Waterlilies’ (Nympheas) painting to take home.

Thanks to the grant funding, the art therapy session added an extra special activity for participants to enjoy. It gave them an idea of programs available in their local community and ways to get involved in activities that can help them expand their interests.

To finish off the fantastic Seniors Festival, at Kings Park Day Program, the group had loads to discuss, sharing their thoughts about all the things they had learned during the day. They enjoyed their chat over lunch together.

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