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Our SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Program supports trainees to develop their skills and confidence to be ready for the workforce. From there, trainees are encouraged to take the next steps towards securing the job that’s right for them.

 Resume Writing Workshop

Our Ingleburn trainees recently harnessed their resume writing skills during a workshop at Liverpool Library. The workshop was designed to help trainees develop their skills to create their own resume.

 Clayton, Nick, Jared and Stella were the trainees who participated in the workshop. They used their already learnt travel training skills to hop on public transport to get to Liverpool Library with the support of their trainer.

 Once there, they all listened very carefully throughout the presentation delivered by the facilitator, Varvara Kuraeva who is the founder of GoNubo Talent.

 Learning Skills for the Workforce

The trainees took notes for tips and hints to develop their resumes. It was great to see that the trainees also had the confidence to ask questions and take charge of their own learning by thinking about all elements of the resume writing process.

 Trainees learned interview techniques, including incorrect and correct posture. But the most interesting part of the workshop was learning how to answer the tricky interview questions like “tell me about yourself”, or “why should we give you the job.” 

 Gaining Knowledge to Put Your Best Foot Forward

To answer these style questions, trainees were encouraged to think about how their answer could relate back to the job criteria or description. It is a great skills to have and a great lesson that is sure to help trainees in future interviews.

 Find Your Dream Job

After the workshop, trainees were confident in creating and updating their own resume. With the right knowledge and techniques, our trainees are making great moves towards being ready to sit in interviews for their dream job.

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