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With a little ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and a focus on fun, Afford sites across Australia are making the most of their time on-site. A whole lot of creativity is being explored and new skills are being learned every day, making each day an exciting adventure.

Achieve Your Goals

Faced with more time at home, Lisa from Bluebird Group Home set herself a challenge. She wanted to make herself a skirt – from scratch! Over the past few weeks, Lifestyle Assistants at Lisa’s home have been supporting her to develop her sewing skills.

To tackle her personal challenge, Lisa was supported to choose and buy the fabric she liked and then design what she wanted to create. Together with her support staff, Joanna, a ‘plan of action’ was created. This plan included the steps Lisa needed to follow to sew her pattern pieces together. She used this as a guide to cut out all the material. She then sewed pieces according to her ‘plan of action’. The result was amazing! Lisa created a beautiful, bright skirt for herself that featured sparkly sequins.

Develop Independent Living Skills

At Oran Park Day Program, there is always something happening throughout the day and everyone having fun learning in the kitchen.

At Afford, encouraging healthy lifestyles and eating habits are incorporated into on-site cooking programs. Staff also support each client to learn about the right utensils, pots and pans to use for different dishes in the kitchen.

Oran Park Day Program clients Molly, Daniella, Joseph and Nicholas recently cooked up a storm in the kitchen.

First, the team looked up recipes on the internet and in cookbooks to cook themselves. After some research, it was unanimous; home-made pizza scrolls with salad was on the menu!

Clients cut up ingredients to include in their pizza scrolls. They placed the ingredients including ham, cheese and other tasty toppings on the thawed puff pastry. Then they carefully rolled up the puff pastry and coated it in egg, before placing it into a warm oven to cook. The result? Delicious pizza scrolls to cut up and eat together for lunch!

Grow Your Confidence

In these extraordinary times when we’re faced with more time indoors, learning how to cook a meal from start to finish supports clients to be independent and confident in their own abilities.

Let Your Creativity Soar!

While there are lots of arts and crafts happening across Afford services, the team at Afford Belmore Day Program have taken artistry a step further and introduced paper mache for everyone to enjoy as an on-site activity.

Rolling out chicken wire, cutting up newspaper and then mixing it with glue were all part of the creative process. Clients carefully placed the sticky newspaper over an oval shape to make amazing giant Easter Egg! A great indoor activity and masterpiece that works on fine motor skills!

Extend Your Imagination with Technology

Using technology to their advantage, Noble Park Group Home have established a weekly Friday Funday competition where residents are encouraged to take a funny selfie with glasses, post it online and share with friends and family for a chance to win a $50 VISA card to spend! There have been many wonderful entries. Laura was a recent lucky winner with her sleepy Mexican themed photo a real hit!

Stimulate Your Mind for Overall Wellbeing

At Condell Park, it’s all about developing minds and bodies. Clients have been busy weeding the garden and planting some new seedlings for a lovely winter crop of veggies.

Everyone has also been getting involved in reasoning activities such as stacking blocks, playing the oversized Connect4 game and exploring different ways to create artworks, such as using small toy animals or foam shapes to apply the paint.

Take Some Time for Yourself

The ladies at Glen Alpine Group Home made the most of their time at home with a pampering session! They painted their fingers and toenails in bright colours and then enjoyed a fun game of UNO to test their speed in recognising colours and numbers.

Keeping busy and getting involved in activities that interest you is important in maintaining a healthy mindset.

Find out how you can engage in activities you love at Afford Day Programs and Group Homes across Australia.