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Engaging every sense is an important part of the ways in which Afford Lifestyle Assistants support clients to grow, learn and develop.

There are many ways in which we incorporate sensory stimulation across our sites; and sometimes opportunities simply present themselves.

At Lakemba Respite, clients and staff were decorating their ‘Wall of Fame’ by painting their hands and then pressing them onto the wall.

A Sense of Belonging

The Wall of Fame at Lakemba Respite is designed to give everyone a sense of belonging by providing those who visit with an opportunity to contribute to the decoration of the wall.

Our clients enjoyed the feeling of wet paint oozing through their fingers and were so proud when they could see their handiwork on the wall. Many commented that it was a very satisfying exercise because they felt that they had contributed to the decoration of the centre and their chill out place.

Sensory Stimulation

At Oran Park Day Program, our clients have also been treated to some sensory stimulation with a new and improved sensory room!

A new ball pit has recently been installed and clients are simply loving their time moving around in the ball pit and managing their way through the colourful balls. In addition to the ball pit, the sensory room also features a colourful light display, strong lights which give the room a different dimension, heart-shaped and circular lights and the lounges have been exchanged for bean bags for clients to relax in and upwind, or take some time out for themselves.

Take a tour of our sensory rooms across our many Day Programs to find out how sensory stimulation can help you to unwind through a variety of different devices and mediums.